Air conditioning testing solutions for new energy vehicles

2020-03-14 00:00

The data recorder busdaq of German IMC is used as the acquisition terminal in the system. IMC busdaq has a lightweight and compact body, which is an ideal choice for on-board and field testing. The function of IMC busdaq is far beyond simple data acquisition, including not only rich data analysis and real-time calculation functions, but also complex trigger function and ECU protocol support. With the help of CAN bus or trigger signal, the device can be switched from low-power standby state to working state in only a few milliseconds. With advanced anti condensation and wide temperature technology, IMC busdaq series can work in extremely harsh environment. Even in field test, the system can withstand up to 40g impact resistance.

The system collects various physical parameters through CAN bus, which is mainly composed of micro data acquisition module. In the vehicle data measurement supported by all can fieldbus, the micro data acquisition module series can give full play to its performance and technical advantages, work reliably and stably for a long time, and meet the all-round and all-weather requirements of professional test technology. Its design concept truly realizes the distributed data acquisition, which can be directly installed in the chassis closest to the sensor acquisition point, and completes all test tasks excellently. And through its unique high and low temperature resistant structure design, it meets the international highest protection level professional technical requirements, and ensures the stable operation of the test system under extremely severe test conditions, and ensures the high accuracy of the test results.