Research on piezoelectric ceramic power amplifier in objective lens driving test

2020-03-14 00:00

Piezoelectric actuators have been widely used in microelectronics and precision machinery. In order to give full play to the characteristics of high precision and high response speed of piezoelectric ceramic objective lens drivers, the piezoelectric actuators are widely used in the fields of microelectronics and precision machinery, The control technology is the core of the control system. The piezoelectric driving voltage amplifier uses the piezoelectric ceramic control technology to drive the microscope objective, which can realize the relative step micro displacement between the microscope objective and the stage with high precision.

In digital confocal microscopy, in order to obtain accurate and equidistant biological cell sequence slice images, it is necessary to drive the relative step micro displacement of tens of nanometers between the microscope objective and the stage. Piezoelectric ceramic control technology is used to drive the objective lens of the microscope to realize the relative step displacement between the objective lens and the stage. Because there is a certain gap between the mechanical results and the contact surface in the process of driving the mechanical device by the signal control stepping motor, the accuracy can only reach hundreds of microns. Therefore, in order to obtain the accuracy of cell slices driven by baozi microscope, the objective lens composed of piezoelectric ceramics is used.

Aigtek company is a professional manufacturer of electronic test instruments. The main products are voltage amplifier, high voltage power amplifier, wire harness tester, high precision reference source, etc. The power amplifier solves the problem of small current and low power of arbitrary waveform function signal generator. The maximum output voltage is 1600vpp, the maximum current is 18a and the maximum power is 810w. It will be used in power system, underwater acoustic transducer drive, ultrasonic drive, capacitive load, inductive load, electromagnetic field drive, piezoelectric ceramic drive, etc.

Aigtek voltage amplifier can be equipped with any brand and model of signal generator, can quickly meet the test requirements, build experimental test platform, can flexibly control the output voltage and power, full power bandwidth (- 3dB) coverage range of dc-24mhz, with complete output protection circuit (output over-current, overvoltage protection), can output large current, high voltage, at the same time, there are new push The ata-100 voltage amplifier has more advantages in terms of price to meet the affordability and demand of the education market to the maximum extent.